Union City Pooper Scooper Services

Poop Troops has been the leading Union City pooper scooper services for years because we put our clients first. In fact, our Union City pooper scooper company began when our founders realized that area pet owners were sacrificing time with their furry family members in order to clean up waste.

Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of this important chore, so our organization started doing the heavy lifting for them in 2010. Since then, we have grown and expanded, establishing a reputation as the top pooper scooper company in Union City GA.

How do you know that Poop Troops is the best Union City pooper scooper company to work with?

  • We are thorough. With both residential and commercial clients, we offer a thorough removal that prevents the stinky, and sometimes dangerous, substances found in pet waste from accumulating on your property.
  • We are competitively priced. We guarantee you won’t find better priced professional pooper scooper services in Union City GA. Our services are affordable and efficient – client needs are addressed within 24 hours, whether you require our services weekly, more than weekly or just once!
  • We are constantly growing. Our consistent expansion is due to client demand. Our reputation speaks for itself, keeping our established clients coming back and drawing in new clients who want a truly clean lawn and property.


Our lowest price guarantee places our Union City pooper scooper services and waste removal at the top of most pet owners’ lists. For our residential clients, our services include up to four dogs – lot size doesn’t matter. We will socialize with your furry friends, and our pooper scooper services in Union County GA will leave them with a lawn ideal for fun and exercise – not hazardous animal waste.

Our operating procedure is simple and thorough. We will sweep every surface in its entirety, remove all waste, double check before we leave, then email you an update with a picture of the secured premises. If you are looking for thorough and dedicated Union City pooper scooper services, contact us today at 877-930-POOP!