Top 5 Ways to Spoil Your Pup

They’re loyal. They’re loving. They’re your fur-ever friend. That’s right, we’re talking about your beloved pooch! Here at Poop Troops, we believe a friend of this caliber should be celebrated accordingly – and what better time to celebrate than “National Spoil Your Dog Day” on August 10th?! If you’re searching for the best ways to spoil Fido next month (or ever), re-fur to our top picks below!

  1. Go for a Drive

What pup wouldn’t love an op-paw-tunity to greet the other peeps in town with a quick ride around the neighborhood? Hop in your car, roll down your windows and crank up “Who Let the Dogs Out” on full blast!

  1. Treat-Yo-Pup

You can’t beat the power of the treat! The easiest way to a dog’s heart is through food! If you can find the time, hit up your local supermarket with this recipe in hand and bake a homemade delight that your pup is sure to love!

  1. Rub Those Bellies

Pups are always looking for a fellow scratcher to reach those areas that their paws just can’t! Allow your pooch to raise their paws in the air like they just don’t care and indulge in some simple scratchin’.

  1. Swim Swim Swim

The dog days of summer are almost over, so why not celebrate with a pool paw-ty! Swimming can act as a reward and exercise for you and your pupper – but don’t fur-get the sunscreen!

  1. Love on Them

Dogs claim the title “Man’s Best Friend” for a reason! A pup’s playful spirit is what keeps us going when life gets hectic. On National Spoil Your Dog Day, take pet-ernity leave and enjoy a long weekend with the pup you love!

While you’re out spoiling your fur-friend, let Poop Troops spoil you! If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or the Phoenix Metro area, contact us today to schedule your first poop scooping! As the top-rated pet waste removal company in the southwest and now Atlanta, we’ll make sure your yard is clear of hound-mounds so you, your kids and your dog all have a clean space to run and play.