The Woodlands TX Dog Poop Waste Removal

When it comes to dog poop, it’s important that you keep these messes off of your lawn or property — and Poop Troops offers The Woodlands TX dog poop removal services that can help you do just that.

Poop Troops offers reliable, professional poop removal services in The Woodlands that can be applied to both residential and commercial clients. Our trained staff of scoopers is equipped with all the tools needed to pick up piles of dog poop without leaving any germs and bacteria behind.

Also included in our dog poop removal services in The Woodlands TX is free haul away and disposal. Poop Troops completely removes waste from your premises so you don’t have to see or smell it.

Flexible The Woodlands dog poop services

Different clients have different needs, which is why we offer a wide range of The Woodlands TX dog poop removal services. You can schedule visits from our team in a way that fits your needs.

  • For clients that have many dogs on their property, we can visit up to three times a week. Our weekly service allows you to stay current on this chore so that the poop doesn’t pile up on your property
  • Not all clients need such extensive poop removal services in The Woodlands. For those, we offer once-a-week or bi-weekly service to keep up with the more meager “output” from your pets.
  • Also, Poop Troops boasts a one-time cleaning service that is perfect for spring lawn cleaning projects or before outdoor entertainment events.

Poop Troops can be utilized in many different ways. Find The Woodlands TX dog poop removal services that meet your needs by consulting with our team. We can provide you with a completely obligation-free estimate.