Tecumseh Dog Waste Removal

Hiring a Tecumseh dog waste removal company can benefit you in more ways than removing the stinky piles of dog waste. We here at Poop Troops, we love dogs just as much as the other person. What we hate is seeing a yard covered in dog waste. That is why we have set out to be the best dog waste removal company in Tecumseh.

There are major benefits for having a dog waste service in Tecumseh. Other benefits, besides not having to see those stinky mounds include:

  • Removal of potential disease: Diseases common in dog waste are Giardia, worms, e-coli, and salmonella. When dog waste is allowed to sit in the yard, these diseases can then be transferred to humans or pet through contact, as well as bugs picking up the diseases and coming into the house. Dog waste removal in Tecumseh will work toward eliminating these from your yard.
  • Pest control: Pest, such as flies, worms and rats are attracted to pet waste. Having our Tecumseh dog waste removal come out to your home regularly will eliminate the need for costly pest control services.
  • Give you your yard back: Let’s face it, nobody wants to be in a yard that has those messy piles laying around. Our dog waste service Tecumseh will give you your yard back and allow you to have guest over to enjoy your home.
  • Prevent you dog from eating waste: Though most pet owners would like to believe that their dog doesn’t do this, it has been a common practice in dogs for centuries, especially when food is scarce. Our service will remove the dog waste regularly, preventing this habit from forming.

Whatever your reasons may be, let Poop Troops be your go-to Tecumseh dog waste removal provider. Call us today or submit our online contact form to get your free, no-hassle quote.