Sugar Land TX Pooper Scooper

Dog poop is an annoyance for so many different reasons and, at Poop Troops, our Sugar Land TX pooper scooper service is ready to do something about it. Instead of slaving away at this awful chore on your own, you can count on our team of trained scoopers to do it for you.

We are now accepting new commercial and residential clients. Our Sugar Land safe dog poop clean up will make one major headache disappear thanks to our reliable service!

Pet waste is unsanitary and annoying!

People often get frustrated with the chore of picking up dog poop because it never ends and it’s very disgusting. However, it’s a necessary chore. If you can’t do it, our pooper scooper service in Sugar Land TX can — just as long as it gets done. Pet waste can pose a hazard to:

  • Pets: Dogs pass diseases to each other inadvertently through pet waste. That’s because the piles of poop they leave behind are loaded with germs and bacteria. Through our Sugar Land TX pooper scooper service, you can remove those piles and sanitize the area of germs and bacteria.
  • People: Dog poop isn’t life threatening, but the germs and bacteria can have a similar affect on people. It’s never a good idea to expose yourself to unnecessary germs and bacteria.
  • Environment: This is another great reason for our Sugar Land safe dog poop clean up service. A high enough concentration of pet waste can have an impact on the local water supply or just have a negative effect on the local environment as a whole. Don’t let the problem get that out of control.

Luckily, all of this is avoidable through a reliable, hard-working service. Poop Troops offers Sugar Land TX pooper scooper service that looks out for your pets, loved ones and the environment. Browse our web site to learn more about our service offerings.