Sugar Land Poop Scoop Company

When you are finally sick of finding dog poop everywhere you look, then it’s time to call in the premier Sugar Land poop scoop company. Around this area, that company is Poop Troops, a locally owned and operated business staffed with fellow dog lovers.

Dogs don’t discriminate — they will do their business just about anywhere. Without consistent and careful pet waste disposal in Sugar Land, this waste will takes its toll on your property. You might find dog feces in places including:

  • In the grass
  • Throughout the landscape
  • In the garden
  • On hard surfaces (porches, patios, etc.)
  • Hiding in the corner of the yard

This is a lot of ground to cover for just one person, which is why a poop scoop company in Sugar Land is such a valuable asset.

Leaving no mound behind

At Poop Troops, we have a fun little motto that states “leave no mound behind.” This simply means that our Sugar Land poop scoop company takes great care in removing each and every pile of pet waste left on your property.

Not only do we offer this incredibly thorough form of pet waste disposal in Sugar Land, but we also sanitize and deodorize the area to leave it germ- and bacteria-free and also smelling fresh. All this comes at an extremely affordable price that can fit in just about any budget.

Schedule service with Poop Troops

We take a lot of pride in what we do because we know it is a chore that most people would rather forget but it’s an important one. Our work not only makes your property look clean and immaculate, but it also spares your pets and loved ones from being exposed to dangerous germs and bacteria.

We are honored with our reputation as the premier Sugar Land poop scoop company, and look forward to backing it up with exceptional service for you.