Stockbridge Pet Waste Removal

You will find many Stockbridge GA pet waste removal companies willing to scoop pet poop for you. But, at Poop Troops, our Stockbridge pet waste removal services have these companies beat in terms of pricing and professionalism.

Let Poop Troops take care of the dirty work — enjoy our excellent services backed by our 100 percent iron-clad money back guarantee. We can’t wait to meet you and your pups.



Why you need professional Stockbridge pet waste removal services

While picking up poop may seem simple, most people are not able to do it consistently. Below are some of the reasons why you need Stockbridge GA pet waste removal services:

  • You are grossed out by the idea of picking up your dog’s waste
  • You may have physical limitations and health issues that make it harder for you to pick up after your pet
  • Today’s busy lifestyle, including working, taking care of kids and running various errands makes it hard to find time for dog waste cleaning

Thanks to Poop Troops, the cost of pet waste removal in Stockbridge GA is affordable. If you can go to a movie or out to eat, then you can definitely afford these services. More people are looking at pet waste removal as part of lawn maintenance and not a luxury.



Address the toxic messes on your property

Many folks come to our pet waste removal company in Stockbridge thinking dog waste is fertilizer for their lawns. But, the truth is that dog poop is actually toxic to your lawn.

Our poop troops will scour through your yard, not forgetting your flower beds, until there is no sight of pet waste. We pick up dog poop from apartment complexes, doggy daycares, commercial properties and more.

We will even dispose of your dog’s waste in an environmentally safe manner leave a sticky note on your door to inform you that we have completed the work.  Our Stockbridge GA pet waste removal company has been scooping poop since 2010 and our poop troops are always professional. Call us today at 877-930-POOP to get started.