South Houston TX Pet Waste Removal

Poop Troops and our South Houston TX pet waste removal has been a crucial resource for so many pet owners around the area. We also work with commercial clients that strive to maintain pet-friendly properties.

With our South Houston TX pet pooper scooper service, you no longer have to worry about the hazards that unattended dog poop poses to your property or pets. You can say goodbye to the nasty smells, germs, bacteria and the unsightly piles of dog poop!

Why hire Poop Troops for pet waste removal in South Houston TX

Picking up dog poop might seem like something that anyone can do — and they probably can. So, that might leave you wondering why you need service from a pooper scooper in South Houston TX.

We are just like any other service that is designed to make your life easier. Our South Houston TX pet waste removal is beneficial to clients because:

  • It helps them save the time and energy they would expend doing it themselves
  • We have a process that we follow that ensures all the waste is removed and that we sanitize the area to eliminate germs and bacteria that are left behind. Most people don’t have the resources to do that themselves.
  • Our South Houston TX pet pooper scooper service is affordable — this isn’t a service that only the affluent of society can enjoy. Our service packages start as cheap as $10 per visit.

You could do this chore yourself, but it might take you a long time and you may not even completely clean your property.

Save yourself the song and dance by turning to Poop Troops and our South Houston TX pet waste removal service. We specialize in this dirty work — and we’re ready to go to work for you.