Smyrna Dog Waste Scooping

The team at Poop Troops can get you started with professional Smyrna dog waste removal, a convenience that will free up your time while creating a clean, safe and sanitary property for you and your family to enjoy.


Avoid the dangers of dog poop

Professional Smyrna dog waste scooping is important for pet owners that can’t seem to find the time to get outside and pick up the poop left behind by their dogs. When you allow poop to accumulate — and it will pile up pretty quickly — you are letting a source of germs, bacteria and diseases onto your property.

The feces can:

  • Kill the grass
  • Get your pets sick
  • Expose your family members to germs and bacteria
  • Generate a strong, foul odor
  • Attract filthy pests (i.e. flies, mice, etc.)
  • And more

Luckily, all these stressful scenarios are completely avoidable and our dog waste removal in Smyrna is a solution. Poop Troops works with you to schedule regularly occurring visits from our team of poop scoopers.

The team behind our poop scooping company in Smyrna GA will find and remove every mound of pet waste on your property. They’ll even bag it up, haul it away and dispose of it for you. And that foul odor? We’ll take care of it, too.

Our Smyrna dog waste removal team helps create an environment that you, your family and your pets can enjoy without fear of stepping into something mushy and stinky (the worst kind of surprise!)


Explore your scheduling options with a member of our Smyrna dog waste scooping team

We can help you find a scheduling option that fits your needs. We even offer one-time cleanings to help get your property ready for that big get-together or for a spring cleaning project.

We’re confident you will fall in love with our affordable Smyrna dog waste removal. It’s the convenience you never knew you were missing out on!