Scottsdale Pooper Scooper Services

Residential and commercial clients find a lot of value in Poop Troops and our Scottsdale pooper scooper services because we offer complete, thorough service. We don’t just remove piles of dog poop and move on our way — we’re meticulous about protecting you and your pets from the germs and bacteria that come with dog waste.

Our Scottsdale pooper scooper company has developed a blueprint for cleaning up residential and commercial properties. Our trained, insured staff members will come to your property as scheduled to administer this service — and they don’t cut corners.

Each time the Poop Troops crews arrive for your pooper scooper services in Scottsdale AZ, they will:

  • Remove each pile of pet waste. We do this in a way where we don’t leave behind fecal matter that can expose you or your pets to germs and bacteria.
  • These piles of poop are bagged up in biodegradable bags. Our Scottsdale pooper scooper services include free haul away and disposal — so we bring the bags with us.
  • You might be left with a lingering odor that threatens to stick around for days. Our Scottsdale pooper scooper company has you covered there, too. We deodorize the area so that it smells fresh and clean.

On top of all that, our pooper scooper company in Scottsdale AZ can help you out if your lawn has been damaged by pet waste. We can handle small-scale fixes on our own, but if your lawn needs a complete overhaul, we can refer you to one of our trusted businesses in the community.

We want to thank you for considering Poop Troops and our Scottsdale pooper scooper services. We are proud to serve the local community and their pets by cleaning up properties one at a time. Get started with your service by consulting with our team members. They can help you out with questions or concerns.