Powder Springs Dog Waste Removal

Powder Springs dog waste removal doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. With Poop Troops as your trusted pooper scooper, you’ll get a worry- and hassle-free service you can trust without spending your time off doing this dirty work.

The professionals at Poop Troops want to show you just how effortless your dog waste removal in Powder Springs can be; give us a call today.


No more stinky messes to deal with!

When you perform your own Powder Springs dog waste removal, you are left with disposing of said waste in your own garbage cans. In fact, most other dog waste service in Powder Springs will often leave the waste in your garbage cans, as well.

What sets Poop Troops apart as the premier dog waste removal company in Powder Springs is we actually haul every ounce of dog waste off of your property and dispose of it ourselves. This way, you aren’t left to contend with the smelly waste until your next trash day.


Owning dogs doesn’t have to be dirty and germ-ridden

Owning dogs is often frowned upon due to the unsightly “landmines” they leave behind. This is especially true with bigger breeds of dogs. This doesn’t have to be the case. With our dog waste service in Powder Springs, we bring the fun back to owning dogs.

With any of our service plans, we pick up every mound left by your dog from your yard and securely dispose of it away from your property. This takes the smells, germs and piles of waste away and leaves you with a yard you can enjoy.

More and more customers are trusting Powder Springs dog waste removal by Poop Troops. Your yard can be next on our attack plan. To get signed up, simply call us. Often, our technician can come out within 24 hours and have your yard clean and sanitary.