Plano Dog Poop Scooper

Experience a quality, effective Plano dog poop scooper service by teaming up with the helpful staff at Poop Troops. We are a poop scooper company in Plano TX that works with residential and commercial clients, ensuring that an often-forgotten chore gets done every week — the way that it should.

We’re talking about the dreaded task of picking up the poop left behind by your dogs. You can do it yourself, but this would cost you hours of your time each week, plus you have to be fine with the idea of handling dog poop on your own.

You don’t have to resort to this thanks to our dog poop scooper service in Plano. We offer regularly scheduled service in addition to our one-time cleaning service.

Protect your property — and the environment

The goal of our Plano scooper service is to remove dog poop so that it doesn’t kill your grass and expose your pets to dangerous germs and bacteria. However, our Plano dog poop scooper service is also effective in protecting the environment.

Dog poop is labeled by the EPA as an official pollutant of the environment. With rain runoff, the germs and bacteria can actually invade local water supplies. With our poop scooper company in Plano TX in your corner, you are able to watch out for your own property and the environment of the community you live in — it’s a win-win.

Talk to our team about our many scheduling options

The members of our customer service staff can work with you to help you find a service plan that meets the specific needs of your lawn and household.

Don’t be afraid to talk to our Plano dog poop scooper service team and get a free quote. This is a completely obligation-free estimate that allows you to see the true affordability and value of our service. Get started right now.