Phoenix Dog Waste Removal

Dog poop can absolutely decimate your lawn, but Poop Troops is here to revitalize it with our Phoenix dog waste removal. Poop Troops was born out of a lawn care company back in 2010, so we know a thing or two about keeping your grass looking lush, green and healthy.

With our dog waste service in Phoenix, you can remove the hazards that come with dog poop, thus, avoiding the damage that it can inflict. You can sign up for weekly or bi-weekly service, or even bring in our crew of scoopers for a one-time visit.

These crew members are trained, experienced and insured. When they come to deliver our dog waste removal in Phoenix, they will carefully find and remove every pile of dog poop on your property. They will bag these messes up and haul them away for no extra charge.

The dramatic effect dog poop can have on your lawn

Phoenix dog waste removal is essential in keeping your lawn looking nice. The following are some ill effects pet waste can have on your property.

  • Of course, the most noticeable thing is that dog poop can kill grass. The high concentration of chemicals can burn your grass, leaving you with dead grass or bald spots around your lawn.
  • Pet waste also attracts a myriad of pests. These include flies and maggots but also mice and rats, which are attracted to the protein found in animal waste.
  • Germs and bacteria accompany pet waste and it’s the top priority of our dog waste service in Phoenix to remove these health hazards. You don’t want people or pets to be exposed to them.

The staff at our dog waste removal company in Phoenix is comprised of men and women who own and love dogs just like you.

We know the struggles that go into keeping your property clean and looking nice and we’re ready to make sure it happens with our affordable Phoenix dog waste removal.