Paradise Valley Dog Waste Removal

Your canine friends can find themselves in a poop-free paradise when you choose Poop Troops and our Paradise Valley dog waste removal. Let us handle your yard cleaning needs to keep your pets and family members healthy while they enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Different families have different needs when it comes to dog waste service in Paradise Valley and Poop Troops is here to help you choose the best plan for your pets. We’ve brought in a few of our canine friends to speak to their experience with Poop Troop’s dog waste removal company in Paradise Valley. Let’s listen in.

  • Our corgi friend, the Princess Penelope can be found patrolling her yard all day long. She has a family to protect, and she likes to remain alerted. “I’m a mid-sized dog with an active lifestyle. I’m in and out all day long in my small yard and garden. Poop Troops dog waste service in Paradise Valley visits me once every week to clear out my stinky messes. They are the best, very vigilant and I applaud their efforts!”
  • Trouble, the big Shepard mix rescue dog, is so happy to have found his forever family and play in his new big yard! “Poop Troops dog waste removal in Paradise Valley never seems to mind my enormous landmines. They see us a couple of times a week, find my piles, scoop them and then take them away! Where? Well, we’re not sure. We just know that they don’t dump them in our garbage cans and that makes my new humans so happy. I’m a fan of this Paradise Valley dog waste removal.”
  • Here’s our friend Tommy, a dog at the local kennel. “Well, some of us are here on vacation, and some of the other dogs are here because they’re not feeling so well. The Poop Troops’ dog waste service in Paradise Valley team is always so kind to us. It takes a lot to clean up after all of us, and they leave a sparkling yard behind, super clean!”

There you have it — straight from the pups’ snouts. Poop Troops and our Paradise Valley dog waste removal is your go-to poop scooper for private and community dog waste needs.