OKC Pet Waste Removal

If you want to get dog poop out of your life for good, then it’s time to talk to Poop Troops about our OKC pet waste removal. With our help, you never have to look at another nasty pile of dog poop again.

That’s because we provide regular visits from an OKC pet pooper scooper. We’re the front lines of defense between you and a property that is full of stinky, germ-ridden “land mines.” We work with residential and commercial property owners.

The following are some ways that our pet waste removal in OKC is able to isolate you from these unsanitary messes.

  • We vow not to leave a single pile of poop behind once we leave a service visit. In fact “Leave no mound behind,” is one of the mottos of our OKC pet waste removal service. Once we leave, you can enjoy a fresh, poop-free property.
  • What good what it do if we transferred the waste from your lawn to your dumpster? You still might catch a whiff. So, when our OKC pet pooper scooper finds and removes the waste, they will dispose of it off-site, so you don’t have to deal with it.
  • Just because the poop is gone, doesn’t mean all the byproducts necessarily go with it. That’s why your pooper scooper in OKC will treat your property for the invisible, lingering germs, bacteria, diseases and smell. We erase all traces of the waste.

Not only is our service thorough, but we make it affordable, too. We want to make sure that pet owners and commercial property mangers are able to easily access this valuable service.

The Poop Troops are ready to deploy to your property to deliver OKC pet waste removal that you can count on. Talk to our team right now and schedule your service or get yourself a free quote.