OKC Dog Waste Removal

Poop Troops offers full-service OKC dog waste removal. We are confident that you will not find a more thorough or comprehensive service elsewhere.

We staff trained, insured and experienced scoopers who will come to your home or commercial property to completely clear away the dog poop that has been left behind by your favorite pooches. It sounds simple enough — but we go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. This means:

  • Finding and removing all the waste: Obviously, the top priority of our dog waste removal in OKC is to find and remove all the mounds of waste on your property. That means our staff carefully sweeps the entire area — we simply do not leave anything behind.
  • Bagging and disposing of the waste: The next step in our OKC dog waste removal is to bag up the waste in our biodegradable bags and dispose of it. We dispose of it offsite so you don’t have to deal with it stinking up your own dumpster.
  • Deodorization and sanitation: The job still isn’t done after that. Our dog waste service in OKC also goes the extra mile to kill the lingering germs and bacteria and also treat the lingering smell that is left behind.

This is a process that we follow every time we visit. In fact, the staff of our dog waste removal company in OKC is carefully trained in this step-by-step process so that we always deliver the same great results that we have become known for.

Get a free quote on your service

We can show you how affordable our OKC dog waste removal is. Contact a member of our staff and we can work up an honest, up-front quote for you. You are under no obligation to order service — we just want you to see that you can get a great service for a very low price.