Mesa Pooper Scooper Business

The right Mesa pooper scooper business is one that will look out for the safety of you, your family and your pets. At Poop Troops, that is our very top priority.

As your pooper scooper in Mesa AZ, we put the focus on sanitation. We want to protect both people and pets from the germs, bacteria, and disease that comes hand-in-hand with dog poop. Here’s how.

  • Utilizing sanitized equipment: We spend our days picking up dog poop from properties. That’s why it’s so important that we sanitize our equipment in order to avoid cross contamination. When we come to your property, you can trust that the men and women of our pooper scooper business in Mesa are not bringing germs and bacteria with us.
  • Completing a thorough job: Our Mesa scooper business subscribes to the motto of “Leave no mound behind.” That’s because we know that any dog poop that is left behind could potentially present a health hazard to you or your pets. That’s why we’re careful to get it all.
  • Responsible disposal: Instead of picking up the poop and tossing it in your trash where you might later come into contact with it, our Mesa pooper scooper business offers offsite disposal for no extra charge. That way you know the waste has been dealt with responsibly.

With weekly visits from a pooper scooper in Mesa AZ, you can have the peace of mind that your property is clean and not a breeding ground for potentially harmful germs, bacteria, and diseases.

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Our Mesa pooper scooper business has built quite the reputation thanks to our low prices, high-quality service, flexible scheduling and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. You won’t find a group of professionals more devoted to cleaning and sanitizing your property!