Marietta GA Dog Poop Waste Removal

Poop Troops provides Marietta GA dog poop removal services that are laser-focused on the customer. We want to provide a great experience and give you the peace of mind that your investment is well spent with our team.

Our poop removal services in Marietta serve as the first line of defense standing between you, your family and your pets and the dog poop sitting on your lawn. When you let dog poop remain on your property, you run the risk of killing your lawn and spreading germs, bacteria and diseases to both people and pets alike.

Our dog poop removal services in Marietta GA takes care of these messes thanks to visits from our scoopers. We can come to your home or property up to three times a week. We have flexible scheduling options to fit your unique needs.


Honest, effective Marietta dog poop services

We trust that you will find our Marietta GA dog poop removal services to be affordable and straightforward. We don’t try to nickel and dime you like many of the other services. This means that we don’t charge you for:

  • Additional dogs. Some poop removal services in Marietta will charge you extra if there is more than one dog in your household. Our service package covers up to four dogs.
  • Initial cleanings. Also, other services try to claim that the first cleaning is more labor intensive, so they charge an added free. With Poop Troops, your rate stays the same on every visit.
  • Oversized lots. It’s ok if you have a large, sprawling lawn — Poop Troops can still effectively find, remove and haul away the dog poop on it at no additional charge.

We’re less concerned with maximizing our profits and more concerned with delivering the very best Marietta GA dog poop removal services. See for yourself by trying out our service.