Luther OK Pet Waste Removal

Poop Troops and our Luther OK pet waste removal wants to help you avoid some relatively common scenarios among pet owners. You probably know these situations well — you’re outside enjoying your property when you step down into something warm and smelly.

Yup, it’s dog poop, and now it has completely covered the bottom of your shoe and you’re going to spend the next 20 minutes trying to adequately clean it off. As pet owners, we’ve all been there — but you don’t have to. With regular visits from a Luther OK pet pooper scooper, you can avoid this.

What Poop Troops does for you

Here at Poop Troops, we offer reliable pet waste removal in Luther OK. We clean up residential and commercial properties to remove all traces of dog poop. This includes:

  • The unsightly mounds of waste
  • The pungent odor that fills the air around your property
  • Pests like flies and maggots
  • Invisible germs, bacteria and diseases that pose a serious health hazard

As you can see, getting consistent, reliable Luther OK pet waste removal is more important than just making sure you don’t step in poop. Dog poop is a serious hazard to your lawn, the environment and your pets. Poop Troops knows that, and is prepared to devote the attention of a qualified Luther OK pet pooper scooper to meet your needs.

Schedule weekly visits

You can receive visits from a pooper scooper in Luther OK up to three times a week. However, most households find what they need in our once-a-week service. It just depends on your property and how many dogs you have.

You can get started with our Luther OK pet waste removal. Contact our staff to schedule your service or to receive a free quote. We are happy to provide all the information you need to move forward toward a poop-free property!