Little Elm TX Dog Poop Clean Up

Did you know that for as little as $9.99, you can have a Little Elm TX dog poop clean up service come to your home or business and take care of all those piles of poop that are scattered around your property?

Poop Troops offers a wide variety of scheduling plans that each come with a different, affordable rate. No matter how many dogs you own, or how often you require our dog poop clean up service in Little Elm TX, we are confident you will appreciate the affordability and value that comes with our service.

How often do you need Little Elm dog poop clean up?

Poop Troops can pay you a visit as much as three times a week. This is especially important for properties where many dogs congregate on a weekly basis.

In this scenario, each visit only costs $9.99. Here are some other scheduling options for our Little Elm TX dog poop clean up service.

  • Twice weekly: If your property is constantly under attack by stinky piles of dog poop, a twice weekly service helps keep it fresh all week long. This dog poop clean up service in Little Elm TX costs just over $10 per visit no matter how many dogs are on the property.
  • Weekly: Despite how many dogs you might have, a weekly service is usually required. With weekly visits, our teams will be able to adequately keep your lawn or property clear.
  • Bi-weekly: Small dogs don’t leave behind huge messes, which means you may not need dog poop clean up in Little Elm every single week. The bi-weekly plan is a great option.
  • One-time cleaning: Finally, if you are just looking to clean up your property for a big event, call Poop Troops out for the day. We’ll get your property looking (and smelling) clean.

Poop Troops has something for every pet owner. Our Little Elm TX dog poop clean up service is flexible and doesn’t involve any long-term contracts. Take advantage of this valuable service right now!