Lantana TX Pet Waste Clean Up

If you want to get your dog to wag it’s tail for joy, just let it know that you have scheduled Lantana TX pet waste clean up by Poop Troops. Dogs love us, and we love them. Plus, we provide a service that helps them lead healthy, happy lives.

We started our pooper scooper service in Lantana because we saw a clear need for it in the community. Allowing dog poop to build up either in a lawn or on public property is simply not safe. We decided to do something about it.

Keeping your pets (and you) safe

Our pet waste clean up in Lantana TX is not just about making your lawn or property look good. Dog poop is loaded with germs and bacteria. In fact, did you know that most diseases are transmitted from dog to dog through feces?

Our Lantana TX pet waste clean up service ensures that your dogs are not at risk of falling ill or facing nasty conditions like ringworms or roundworms. Let’s face it; dogs are going to stomp through piles of poop if they are left lying around. Some dogs will even put their noses right up to it for a nice whiff.

With our Lantana pooper scooper service, we eliminate:

  • Each pile of poop
  • The germs and bacteria that are left behind
  • The lingering stench

Dogs can run freely when they are given a nice, clean property to play on. Don’t let your dog suffer by walking through it’s own waste. Taking care of dog poop is very easy, but it just takes time and effort.

If you don’t have either to spare, our pooper scooper service in Lantana has you covered.

See how Poop Troops can serve you with our Lantana TX pet waste clean up. Contact our team right now.