La Porte TX Dog Poop Scoopers

Have the best La Porte TX dog poop scoopers handle the dirty work on your property by turning to the professionals at Poop Troops. We are a dedicated team of dog lovers that take pride in serving pet owners and the men and women who manage pet-friendly properties.

Our La Porte TX dog poop removal service addresses the time-consuming and grotesque chore of picking up the feces left behind by your pets. We take great care and diligence in, not just removing the waste, but also taking tried and true measures of sanitizing your property.

Schedule ongoing visits from dog poop scoopers in La Porte TX

It’s obvious that your dogs are always going to go to the bathroom, so you need constant and consistent help with keeping your property clean. That’s why Poop Troops allows you to schedule your service accordingly.

  • Weekly service: From three visits per week from our La Porte TX dog poop scoopers to once a week, our weekly service helps you stay up on this never ending need.
  • Bi-weekly service: Some clients find it most beneficial to have bi-weekly service. Whether they only have one or two dogs or they tackle some of this chore themselves — our bi-weekly La Porte TX dog poop removal service can still be of benefit.
  • One-time service: You might even just need Poop Troops once to get your property clean. Our one-time service scrubs your property completely of pet waste, leaving you with a safe, clean and sanitary plot of land.

All of these service options come at an affordable price. We challenge you to find La Porte TX dog poop scoopers that offer a more affordable rate. Contact our staff and let’s talk about your needs. We are standing by.