Kyle Pet Waste Scooping

Welcome to Poop Troops, where we are serious about Kyle pet waste removal and keeping pet waste off of your lawn or commercial property. The waste left behind by dogs can be a hazard in many different ways.

As you probably already know, that waste carries a wide range of germs and bacteria. This can lead to a few unwanted outcomes, all of which can be avoided with our Kyle pet waste scooping.

  • Dog poop can poison your lawn. It’s not like natural manure that you would find on a farm. Dog poop contains chemicals and other byproducts that will overpower your soil and kill your grass. Once the grass dies, it leaves behind a bald spot.
  • Pet waste can be a huge hazard to your pets. In fact, dog poop is the most common avenue in which diseases are spread from one dog to another. Dogs are curious creatures — the only way to make sure they will not come into contact with pet waste it by removing it completely.
  • Dog poop also contains germs and bacteria that can get people sick. If your family or your children come into contact with that, it can cause stomach or intestinal problems. Why even take that risk? Our Kyle pet waste removal can eliminate this hazard.

This is a steep price to pay just because you didn’t have time to pick up the poop left behind by your dog. That’s what Poop Troops is here to make sure that it is done on a regular basis with our pet waste removal in Kyle.

We offer weekly and biweekly Kyle pet waste scooping that promises dog poop does not linger on your property for long.

Explore our poop scooping company in Kyle TX

We invite you to explore our scheduling options. Talk to customer service representative and tell us a little bit about your property and how many dogs you own. We can help you pick out the service package that meets your needs.

Contact Poop Troops right now and get a free estimate on your Kyle pet waste removal. Our troops are ready to do battle against pet waste on your property.