Keller Dog Poop Scooper

Welcome to the home for comprehensive Keller dog poop scooper service. At Poop Troops, we can visit your home and provide a thorough cleaning from trained, experienced professionals.

Our poop scooper company in Keller TX saves you the time and energy of having to do this yourself. After all, who really wants to spend their time ankle deep in dog poop?

What we offer with our dog poop scooper service in Keller

Don’t let the low price fool you — our service is extremely affordable and you actually get a ton of value for your dollar. With our Keller scooper service, you can schedule regular visits from our crews or else utilize our one-time service.

Whenever our teams come to your property, we carefully follow each step of our tried-and-true process.

  • Our Keller dog poop scooper service vows to leave your property completely free of all feces. That means we carefully scour your lawn and landscape to find even those piles that might be hiding.
  • Dog poop is filled with germs, bacteria, and diseases, so it’s important to remove the entire mound of waste and all the remnants. The technicians of our poop scooper company in Keller TX utilize sterilized tools to do this.
  • Poop Troops also bags up the poop in biodegradable bags and hauls them away with us. That’s right — we remove the feces from your property completely and dispose of it at an offsite location for no extra charge.

Our crews are highly trained and also insured, so they’re not a liability on your property. They are outfitted with company uniforms so you always know when we’re out and about on your property.

Let our Keller dog poop scooper service keep your property clear of, not just dog poop, but also germs, bacteria, diseases, pests and more. Call in the Poop Troops!