Katy TX Dog Poop Waste Removal

Would you like Katy TX dog poop removal services delivered to your property conveniently once every week, allowing you to stay current on this very important lawn and pet care chore? Or, do you just want to whip your property into shape with one-time poop removal services in Katy?

Poop Troops can cover you in both scenarios. We specialize in dog poop removal services in Katy TX that are available both on a frequency basis and one-time service.

Ongoing Katy dog poop services keep your lawn clean all year round

Our weekly service is most popular with our clients for a reason. Picking up dog poop is a never ending chore — your dog will keep going to the bathroom and you will need to keep picking it up.

It’s easy to fall behind on this chore, which allows your lawn and landscape to become overrun with poop. With our Katy TX dog poop removal services, you are able to stay ahead of it thanks to our trained team of technicians.

You can set your schedule for poop removal services in Katy for as frequent as three visits per week all the way down to one visit every other week — whichever matches up best with your pup’s “output.”

Enjoy a one-time cleaning by Poop Troops

Perhaps you inherited a property that is riddled with pet waste. Or, you are going to entertain outside on your lawn and are worried you might not be able to spot and remove all the piles of poop.

Poop Troops carefully scours your property, removing each pile of pet waste. We bag it up and bring it with us for free disposal.

Let us know which of our Katy TX dog poop removal services would best suit you. Our team is standing by to help you select and schedule your service.