Katy TX Dog Poop Scoopers

Did you know that Katy TX dog poop scoopers can help you stay on the right side of the law? That is right; in many local municipalities, failing to pick up dog waste from your lawn or property can actually be a fineable offense.

Instead of facing serious punishment that could lead to long-term problems with your neighbors, why not enlist the help of the Poop Troops, the premiere Katy TX dog poop removal service for residential and commercial clients?

We can help you maintain a pleasant, attractive lawn with little to no effort on your part. Check out our wide range of services, which include options for multiple visits each week. Keeping your property in compliance with city codes has never been easier!

Our dog poop scoopers in Katy TX are ready to help you enjoy the high life while we take care of the dirty work (quite literally).

Advantages to hiring Katy TX dog poop scoopers

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of hiring a poop-scooping service: You do not have to deal with the unpleasant tasks. However, Katy pet waste removal has more to offer than simply getting you off the hook for a nasty chore. Your lawn will thank you, as well! Regular poop removal prevents:

  • Scalding of your grass, leading to brown spots
  • Accumulation of waste that can pollute groundwater in your neighborhood
  • Attraction of creepy crawly critters like millipedes and flies
  • Transfer of dangerous microbes from your dog’s waste to you or your kids

The fact is that dog poop can be far more than simply unpleasant — without a reliable Katy TX dog poop removal service, your health could actually be in danger.

Take the proactive step to protect your family and seek the help of our Katy TX dog poop scoopers. We can’t wait to develop the perfect plan for your family’s needs! Call today to learn more.