Irving TX Pooper Scooper

Not many pet owners realize they can have a professional Irving TX pooper scooper service clean up their dog’s waste. Poop Troops offers extraordinary Irving TX pet waste removal for busy pet owners all over the area. Never pick up a pooper scooper again!

Is it worth it?

This is one of the most common questions that budget-minded individuals will ask. No doubt, when you consider adding professional pet waste removal in Irving TX to your list of expenses, this question will be at the forefront of your mind, too.

We have a few facts that may help you decide.

  • Let’s crunch some numbers. If you have two dogs, take them out twice a day, and take one day each week to clean, that is six days of doggy build-up. You’ll be searching for at least 24 piles of poop on your cleanup day.
  • Even though you may take your shoes off when you come in, your dog can’t take off its feet. If you fail to perform some sort of Irving TX pooper scooper service regularly, the build-up will leave few clean areas for your dog to step. He or she will track visible or microscopic traces of feces around your home.
  • Some cities and neighborhoods have ordinances pertaining to dog waste or yard waste in general. Failure to comply with these ordinances can cost you in fines, and relations with your neighbors to boot.

The professional difference

Hiring a professional pooper scooper service in Irving TX will ensure your lawn is safe and clean every time. We will not only scour your lawn for every pile but we will be sure to use only sterilized tools to prevent the spread of disease from other clients.

The affordable option

Your Irving TX pet waste removal doesn’t have to be expensive. When you call to get a quote on how much our Irving TX pooper scooper service may cost, you will quickly find that your service is more affordable than you had anticipated.