Houston TX Dog Poop Scoopers

Enlist the area’s best Houston TX dog poop scoopers to work on your lawn or property by contacting the friendly team at Poop Troops. We faithfully serve local dog owners and those who manage pet-friendly properties in the greater Houston area.

Our army of poop troops are the backbone of our Houston TX dog poop removal service. These are dedicated, professional men and women that work hard to keep your property looking nice and free of germs and bacteria.

About our Houston pet waste removal staff

It’s always a welcome sign when you see one of our poop troops drive up to your home or property in a company-marked truck. Each of our dog poop scoopers in Houston TX are:

  • Carefully trained: We have a certain way of doing things here at Poop Troops, and it’s why we are the best. We train each member of our staff in these tried and true methods to get the same great results every time.
  • Insured and bonded: No one wants to welcome service professionals on their property if those professionals will serve as a liability. Our Houston TX dog poop scoopers are insured and bonded.
  • Friendly and helpful: You have to have a sense of humor when you do Houston TX dog poop removal service for a living. This is a nasty line of work, but we take pride in handling it for our long list of clients. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, consult with your technician and they will help you out.

Our troops are the best in the business, and they will prove it to you. Schedule visits from our Houston TX dog poop scoopers, and forget about handling this horrible chore yourself. We are waiting to hear from you.