Goodyear Dog Waste Removal

By working with Poop Troops and using our Goodyear dog waste removal, you can have the peace of mind that your lawn is completely clean each time we step off of your property.

That’s our guarantee! Poop Troops works hard to offer dog waste service in Goodyear that is more thorough — and affordable — than any other service available. Our team follows strict guidelines when we visit your property to clean it. This includes:

  • Searching throughout your entire property. Aside from your lawn, we also check mulch beds, gardens, patios, sidewalks, driveways and more. We check out anywhere that your pet can leave its droppings.
  • We use our freshly sanitized tools to remove these mounds of pet waste completely. We place the contents in our biodegradable bags as a part of our dog waste removal in Goodyear.
  • Our dog waste removal company in Goodyear loads up the waste on our truck and takes it with us. We offer free haul away and offsite disposal, which you might be forced to pay extra for elsewhere.
  • For good measure, we freshen up your property with a little deodorizing spray. This allows our Goodyear dog waste removal to eliminate the stench that can often linger around after the poop has been removed.

Do you know a dog waste service in Goodyear that is more thorough than that? On top of it, we offer a best price guarantee (ask us about it!), which means, no matter what the competition is offering, you will be paying the very lowest price with Poop Troops — bar none.

We’re ready to clean your residential or commercial property

You can bring Poop Troops and our Goodyear dog waste removal to your property with no obligation involved. We don’t force you to sign a contract, so you can try out our service to see if you like it. Get started now by getting into contact with the Poop Troops squad.