Forest Park Dog Waste Removal

Forest Park dog waste removal can be a pressing concern for any property owner. Georgia experiences long, hot, humid summers which provides ripe conditions for dog poop contamination and foul odor.

Poop Troops wants to take this smelly, unsanitary task off your hands by providing the most efficient dog waste service in Forest Park.

Unpleasant chores can hang like a cloud over your head. You know that the yard needs to be free of dog poop but just can’t seem to find the time necessary to keep it thoroughly cleaned.  Now is the time to call in the troops — the Poop Troops, that is. Our dog waste removal in Forest Park is one of our latest expansions and we can’t wait to share our services and our love of dogs with you.



The helpful care you need for your property

Keeping the yard clean and odor-free is a job that needs consistent attention. While it smells bad and is unsightly, a dog poop pile presents even greater threats.

  • Poop piles that are left to decay become a thriving home for parasites and bacteria. This is really bad for pets who “nose” around their regular spots.
  • Without regular Forest Park dog waste removal. you may soon find yourself forced to treat your beloved pets for worms.
  • The bacteria that lives in dog feces can pose a threat to humans as well as animals. Giardia, salmonella and e. coli are all dangerous threats, particularly to children who play in their yards.

When you call upon Poop Troops and our dog waste service in Forest Park, you’ll be protecting the investment you’ve made in your lawn and garden. Unlike fertilizer-grade manure, dog waste is harmful to plants and can create burn spots on your lawn. Left in flower beds and shrubbery, dog waste becomes a magnet for other pests like rats and insects, which feed off these hidden piles.

Don’t ignore your Forest Park dog waste removal needs. Contact our dog waste removal company in Forest Park to create a healthier play area for your kids and pets while protecting your beautiful lawn and gardens.