Duluth Dog Waste Scooping

At Poop Troops, we know that our Duluth dog waste removal clients demand a higher standard from their service provider. That is why we are proud to be an active supporter of K-9 law enforcement in our regions of influence.

Yes, we are Duluth dog waste scooping experts, but Poop Troops is so much more — we are also a small business that is proud to support our local K-9 units. Specifically, in 2017, we were given the opportunity to financially support a K-9 unit in Travis County, Texas, after the sudden retirement of one of their dogs.

The officer who had been working with the K-9 partner was going to have to be reassigned to a different unit if another animal could not be procured. With the help of other community organizations and Poop Troops’ $10,000 donation, the officer was able to stay with his unit and find a new partner. We actively work with K-9 groups throughout the southern United States, always looking for opportunities to support these units through our business with dog waste removal in Duluth.


Our commitment to Duluth dog waste removal is a commitment to community

When you choose Poop Troops, you are not only working with a highly qualified team of waste removal experts. In fact, you are supporting a small business that truly cares about your community, in addition to Duluth dog waste scooping.

We want to make a difference in your area through our poop scooping company in Duluth GA, which is why we are always seeking out new opportunities to support these law enforcement efforts.

Yes, there are many poop-scooping companies in your region — but how many others take the time and effort to support such an important cause? At Poop Troops, we know that Duluth dog waste removal is our business, but that encompasses so much more than simply picking up waste from your lawn. Our clients demand a high standard from us and our giving campaigns. Join us in supporting the critical law enforcement personnel that make our communities great — and join us as a valued client today.