Douglasville GA Pet Waste Removal

Thorough Douglasville GA pet waste removal is mission critical for the team at Poop Troops.  When you find your yard dotted with doggy landmines and stink bombs, the health of your family, pets and lawn could be at stake.

If you feel surrounded by foul odors and potential environmental hazards, it is time to take action. Keep your yard — and your hands — clean with expert work from a pooper scooper in Douglasville GA. We arrive battle ready and combat tested to provide a clean field for your family and pets.

Yes, we have a lot of fun at Poop Troops — we enjoy outside work and playing with our doggy customers. However, there are serious concerns associated with pet waste and we want to eliminate them with our pet waste removal in Douglasville GA.

How our service benefits your own health

It’s no great secret that decaying fecal matter is unsanitary and to be avoided, but your friendly Douglasville GA pet pooper scooper will do more than provide a clean looking lawn. The parasites and their eggs that thrive in dog poop can be easily spread to other pets.

Not only are parasites a problem, certain zoonotic diseases like e. coli easily make the jump from pet to human with sometimes devastating consequences. Poop Troops provides swift Douglasville GA pet waste removal and we clear all piles to be hauled away at the end of our visit.

…and the environment

With visits from a Douglasville GA pet pooper scooper, you’re getting the benefit of extensive training and education. Part of that education includes a knowledge of toxic waste and the threat of decaying fecal matter that becomes airborne or leeches into our water table.

Prompt clean up and removal is the only reliable prevention against the spread and build-up of dog poop toxic waste. Our Douglasville GA pet waste removal team stands ready for your call to action. You can complete our simple online contact form or call 877.930.POOP.