Dallas TX Pooper Scooper

If you think a professional Dallas TX pooper scooper service is a luxury you can’t afford, think again. Poop Troops is a reliable pooper scooper service in Dallas TX that offers quality pet waste removal at an affordable price.

You will like having a clean lawn, but you will love keeping your budget intact even more.

Myths about dog poop:

  • It is a great fertilizer! Well…not quite. In fact, dog poop actually does the opposite. As a professional pooper scooper in Dallas TX, we’ve seen far too often what happens when dog poop is left to “fertilize” the lawn. Unsightly brown spots appear and reparative lawn care is necessary.
  • As long as you don’t touch it, you won’t get sick. Actually, there are a variety of ways dog feces can contaminate you or your family without direct contact. Your dog could walk through the feces and then track it through your home. Flies could land on it and then make their way onto that fresh pie on your counter. Our Dallas TX pooper scooper service has seen far too many unsanitary conditions like that.
  • Dog poop will wash away so I don’t need to pick it up. While it’s true that the pile will dissolve in heavy rains, the contamination will remain. Additionally, once washed away, it will leak into underground water supplies, private wells and eventually local waterways. The technicians at our Dallas TX pooper scooper company will explain that excess feces can disrupt the aquatic eco system dramatically.

It’s obvious that keeping your pet’s waste cleaned up is important. Hiring our pooper scooper service in Dallas TX is even more crucial if you or your children hang out in the same area where your dog defecates.

Children in particular are more susceptible to fecal illnesses. To keep your family and the environment healthy, find out just how affordable your Dallas TX pooper scooper service could be by giving us a call today.