Dallas TX Pet Waste Clean Up

Taking care of Dallas TX pet waste clean up can be quite the chore. Once you get past the time consuming efforts, it’s just downright dirty. Poop Troops USA offers a unique solution to help pet owners enjoy their pets more. We are a professional pooper scooper in Dallas that takes scooping poop very seriously.

Can’t I do it myself?

Sure, but odds are, other priorities will rightfully take the place of your poop scooping time. Additionally, dog waste can carry a myriad of diseases. Failing to protect your hands while cleaning, or failing to wash hands thoroughly after your pet waste clean up in Dallas, can result in all sorts of nasty infections that wreak havoc on your body. As dirty as the job may be, there is no room for sloppiness.

The professional difference

If you’re going to pay for professional Dallas TX pet waste clean up, you likely want to see the difference in your lawn. Having a professional perform your service results in a healthier:

  • Lawn: Contrary to popular belief, dog waste actually harms your lawn. It concentrates powerful nutrients on one spot in the grass, effectively burning it.
  • Family: Think about it for a moment. Your pooch doesn’t wear shoes like you do. He or she likely doesn’t mind stepping in feces. Therefore, every time he or she goes in and out, dog waste is tracked all over your home. Our Dallas TX pooper scooper service keeps your family from becoming ill due to fecal contamination.
  • Environment: Dog waste runoff is one of the leading causes of pollution in our environment. It compromises waterways, increasing the algae population and harming fish. The cleaning of a regular pooper scooper in Dallas prevents dog feces from running off in rain water and helps decrease environmental harm.

You may be surprised by how affordable our professional Dallas TX pet waste clean up can be. We will help you choose an option that fits into your budget. An estimate is only a phone call away.