Cartersville Dog Poop Scooping Service

Poop Troops puts your dog’s number two out of sight and out of mind with our Cartersville dog poop scooping service. With our regularly scheduled visits, you can walk through your yard and never have to see a stray pile of poop again. You’ll be glad your trusted our poop scooping in Cartersville GA.


Reliable, year-round service

Does your dog poop in the winter? Of course they do. There’s no such thing as poop hibernation. With dog poop scooping service in Cartersville from Poop Troops, you’ll have a poop-free yard all year round thank to our crew of scoopers.

  • Our Cartersville scooping service members want you to have the best service possible. Unfortunately, the effects of dog waste can be seen — and smelled — for a period of time after it is removed. That’s why we clean and deodorize each spot in your yard that has been in contact with poop. This includes any concrete sidewalks and patios.
  • Though we can’t guarantee your pooch won’t do his or her business again right after we leave, our Cartersville dog poop scooping service will ensure each doggy mine is removed at our visit. Our scoopers are very thorough and detail oriented; they do this for a living. Often, they can spot a pile even you wouldn’t see.


Don’t try to take on this chore yourself

Many dog owners try to do their own poop scooping in Cartersville GA, but very few, if any, are as effective as Poop Troops. We have the tools and expertise! Why waste your valuable time several days throughout the week picking up poop when you could make a minimal investment to utilize our pros?

Whether you need a one-time cleaning or multiple visits a week, call Poop Troops today to schedule your Cartersville dog poop scooping service.