Candler-McAfee Pooper Scooper Services

At Poop Troops, our Candler-McAfee pooper scooper services staff understands that your dog is more than just a pet — it’s a member of the family.

Your dog likely keeps you company and is the first one to greet you when you walk through the door. Owning a dog can be incredibly rewarding — until you take a peek outside and see the dog’s droppings littered all over your yard. Don’t worry — Poop Troops offers friendly, helpful professional pooper scooper services in Candler-McAfee, GA.



We will thoroughly clean your poop-infested yard

Our Candler-McAfee pooper scooper company safely and efficiently does what no one else wants to do. No dog pile can escape — there is no place to hide from the Troops. We always come away with a victory in our search and destroy missions, leaving behind a clean lawn and wagging tails.

If you are looking for a pooper scooper company in Candler-McAfee, GA that combines professional training, background screenings and a team that truly loves animals, Poop Troops is the crew for you.



Thousands of lawns serviced – and counting

Ask any of the current Poop Troops clients why they love our Candler-McAfee pooper scooper services and you’ll hear a lot of enthusiasm for our prompt service and competitive rates.  When you give our Candler-McAfee pooper scooper company a call, you can expect a response within 24 hours. We have armies ready to deploy to get you on your way to a beautiful, clean lawn that you can safely enjoy with your pets and family members.

Your safety — and the safety of your pets — is a high priority for the Troops. We know all the awful pests and critters that are drawn to unclean yards. These pests and rodents are the same critters people spend both time and money trying to eradicate. Don’t leave them a buffet!

Maintaining a clean lawn, garden and parkway can be the best way to keep those unwanted pests from moving in. Fill out our simple online form and see which Candler-McAfee pooper scooper services best meet your needs.