Candler-McAfee Pet Waste Removal

The leading Candler-McAfee GA pet waste removal services are just a click or phone call away when you reach out to the team at Poop Troops. We pride ourselves on our rapid response and make it a point to answer inquiries within 24 hours.

If you are looking for residential or commercial Candler-McAfee pet waste removal services, Poop Troops offers environmentally conscious plans from our professionally trained staff.



Addressing a serious concern to the local environment

Folks often have questions about how pet waste removal in Candler-McAfee GA can help protect the local environment. Dog waste is considered an environmental pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency. Yes, dog poop is right there alongside herbicides, insecticides, oil and gas as a non-point source pollutant.

Anytime there is dog waste left near water sources, there is danger of leeching fecal coliform bacteria. It’s as nasty as it sounds, causing cramps, intestinal disorders and even kidney disorders in humans. This is just one of the reasons it is important to employ professional Candler-McAfee pet waste removal services.

There are other dangers to water supplies when feces are left to decay in your area. Harmful, invasive algae and weeds thrive on decaying dog waste. These particular species grow rapidly, blocking light and leading to a decrease in oxygen, which in turn can damage fish populations.  It is incredible how harmful failing to clean up after our dogs can be.



Environmentally-conscious Candler-McAfee GA pet waste removal

Dog poop can also pose a more direct threat to your household. Decaying dog waste is home to a host of bacteria and parasites. The eggs of roundworms and other parasites can live in infected soil for years, posing a health threat to anyone who plays or gardens on that lawn.

Our pet waste removal company in Candler-McAfee provides thorough cleaning of your lawn, removing the waste completely. After our Candler-McAfee GA pet waste removal, your family and pets can safely enjoy all of your outdoor spaces!