Buda Pooper Scooper

The right Buda pooper scooper services can help you take a major step in achieving the lawn or property that you always dreamed of. And, when it comes to reliable and trustworthy service, Poop Troops is the top name in the local market.

Poop Troops is a pooper scooper company in Buda TX, but it is also ran by a couple of guys that know their stuff when it comes to lawns and landscaping. This is knowledge that we implement into our everyday service to make sure that your lawn is left looking how you want it.

Dog waste can be detrimental to a lawn for a number of reasons, but these issues can easily be remedied via our pooper scooper services in Buda TX.

  • Dead spots: One of the major misconceptions about dog poop is that you don’t have to pick it up because it fertilizes the lawn. This is untrue. Manure comes from hay or grass-fed animals. Dogs eat more than this, and the chemicals, bacteria and germs in their waste will kill the grass.
  • Flies and pests: Our Buda pooper scooper services will help you get rid of flies and other insects from your property, just by consistently removing pet waste. Flies are attracted like a magnet to dog poop, and few things are more annoying than flies and insects buzzing around your head.
  • Ruins the look of your lawn: Our pooper scooper company in Buda TX knows that first impressions are everything. It’s hard to make a good first impression for your home or business when the property is riddled with dog poop. This automatically tells anyone that might be passing by that you are either lazy or unclean. We know you’re just busy — which is why we can clean up for you.

Our Buda pooper scooper services not only keep your property clear of dog waste, but can administer minor repairs to your lawn if it sustains damage. We are a major asset to our clients and we would be happy to work with you.