Austin Pet Waste Removal

Welcome to Poop Troops, the most trusted source for Austin TX dog waste removal since 2010. Our team is ready to work hard to clear your lawn or property of nasty dog waste — so you don’t have to.

At our Austin TX dog poop scooper company, we employ fellow dog lovers that have a passion for working alongside these special four-legged friends. As dog owners, we know that the last thing you probably want to do is pick up those smelly gifts left behind by your dog or dogs.

How many dogs do you own?

Professional dog waste removal in Austin TX can be incredibly handy no matter how many dogs you own or have roaming on your property. Some clients own just a single dog. They generally use our Austin TX pooper scooper company on a bi-weekly basis.

But, just think about how quickly the messes will pile up on your property when you own multiple dogs? That’s all right — Poop Troops has a special plan that addresses this scenario. We allow our clients to schedule their Austin TX dog waste removal as often as three times a week. This helps you keep up on the chore without getting buried under pet waste.

Save serious time!

Picking up after your dog or dogs might not seem like a huge time commitment, but just add up all the time you are spending out in the yard searching for piles of dog waste. For a minimal fee, our Austin TX dog poop scooper company can do the dirty work for you. Not only does it save you time, but our thorough work will get the job done as good, if not better, than if you did it yourself.

Save your time and keep your pets’ health in tip-top shape with our Austin TX dog waste removal service. Schedule your service right now.