Allen TX Dog Poop Waste Removal

As a long time provider of Allen TX dog poop removal services, Poop Troops is here to warn you about the destructive nature of pet waste. While it might seem a little gross, but overall harmless, dog poop can actually ruin your lawn.

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Dog poop has chemicals in it that will “burn” your lawn. This just means that the chemicals will overload the grass and it will die off. This will leave you with multiple bald spots all around your property.

With our dog poop removal service in Allen TX, we don’t give the poop time to ruin your property. By removing it every week — or every other week — we can make sure that your lawn stays uniform and healthy.

If dog poop has killed areas of your lawn, our Allen TX dog poop removal services can either make small-scale fixes or refer you to a trusted lawn care service that can handle your needs.

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There isn’t a whole lot of science behind picking up dog poop — you just need to make sure you do this chore every single week or you will start to see adverse effects crop up on your property.

With our poop removal services in Allen, you can make a minimal investment to hire professionals to take care of this job for you. Our scheduling options are flexible and our service is affordable. We don’t make you sign long-term contracts, either.

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Protect your lawn, pets and the people on your property by teaming up with Poop Troops for our Allen TX dog poop removal services. When we go to battle for you, we will leave no mound behind. Talk to our team right now.